Believe in the potential of your
golf game and your life game.

Believe in the potential of your
golf game and your life game.

Kyle Miller Golf Academy

We are a full service golf academy dedicated to reflecting resilience and your potential for growth. Students ranging from beginners to professionals have found success through our teaching programs. 

Our goal is to help you build skills that matter both on the golf green and in life. 


Learn from a Different Perspective

Head coach Kyle Miller is a distinguished teaching professional to thousands of students and the first golfer with cerebral palsy to play in a PGA-Tour sanctioned event. Despite having lost the sensation on the left side of his body from cerebral palsy,  Kyle excels as a player and coach for thousands of students including touring professionals. 

Besides coaching players himself, Kyle has also trained under highly esteemed coaching professionals and hopes to transfer his vast experience to his students. 

Kyle’s struggles allow him to see life and golf from a different perspective while finding success in the process. The Kyle Miller Golf Academy is built on this perspective and outlook for life.   

I've been able to teach and inspire countless people with disabilities that achieving your dream is possible, regardless of what people tell you.

- Kyle Miller, KMGA Head Coach​

Live a Life Without Limits

Kyle Miller Golf Academy supports development for all levels and types of golfers. We are proud supporters of the Shriners Hospital for Children and multiple charity foundations including the Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta

We believe in living a life without limits. 

We hold clinics and training camps for those with and without disabilities alike.

Together we realize true potential.

"Some guys need to learn how to get knocked down and get back up again, and enjoy it", "There's an art to that. There's a genuine art to thoroughly loving failure. I love it. It's the greatest thing that happened to me. And that's what I want to offer to players."

- Kyle Miller, KMGA Head Coach
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