Build towards your goals

Initial Assessment

1 hour length

Initial Assessment

Whether you’re a Professional or a Student this assessment will prove to be a baseline for your success moving forward. Focus: Developing and planning key swing mechanics to get the most out of every time you play! Price: $100 + Tax

Private Lessons / Subscriptions

1 hour length

Private Lessons

Further developing your play style moving forward. Learn from Kyle Miller or one of his highly talented instructors. 

Choose from one of our monthly subscription packages.

Private Lesson Pricing

Semi Private Lessons

1 hour length

Semi-Private Lessons

We offer lessons that develop your golf game in a group setting. Perfect for those looking to improve their with another person or for a more relaxed and fun approach with friends, family, or colleagues. 

Semi-Private Pricing

Junior Programs

1 hour length

Junior Programs

Junior players will find great success in our golf development programs. Tailored success through development of your swing and your mental game. One of our most popular offerings. 

Junior Program Pricing

Secret Season


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Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Kyle Miller Golf Academy is proud to support youth aiming to improve their golf skills leading into the future.

Focus: Developing proper fundamentals and mindset to achieve lasting results. 

Please contact us for more information on youth programs .




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